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February 16, 2020

Electric heated lunch boxes are usually made of plastic, and come with a carrying handle for easy transportation, similar to a picnic cooler. They feature insulation and a heating element to warm up food and keep it at a good temperature. Heated lunchboxes are typically powered by standard outlet plugs, but some also come are also for 12 volts and can be plugged into car outlets.

Electric lunch boxes range in size from small, shallow single-serving containers to larger rounded lunchboxes that resemble crock pots. Many of these handy lunch containers also include silverware and removable serving trays with dividers that can be used as plates.

Using an electric lunch box means you’re able to actually apply heat to the food, rather than just sealing in the existing heat that becomes gradually lost no matter how good the insulation. With a heated lunchbox, you can enjoy piping hot lunches that are evenly heated and maintain a good consistency – the food is takeout quality without costing as much as restaurant orders. The low heat application also prevents food from “sweating” as the heat condenses, which can often happen with insulated lunch boxes.